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This video was given a "GOLD AWARD" - LEVEL 1 by the Ohio Museum Association on April 11, 2021.  It's not an Academy Award, but it's nice to be appreciated. Enjoy.

George Phillps & Rev. Eppler Stories

George Phillips (b. 1935 - d. 2017)

I captured this video at Ritter Library during a Vermilion Area Archival Society Meeting around 2010 or 11. It's really an interesting piece.

Myrtle Eppler (b. 1915 - d. 2016)

This interview with Rev.Eppler is quite long. The first part is informal small talk. But the entire piece is both interesting and informative.

4 Short Video Clips

Vermilion History Museum Apartment

The First video shows the apartment over the Vermilion News Print Shop as it was being renovated to add to the museum early in 2013.

The additional videos were taken in Vermilion c. 1935

Six Years Later

This 2nd video  shows the same areas appeared six years after we started. This clip was made on October 28, 2019.

The additional videos were taken around Vermilion c. 1935.

They are silent.

Nettie's Stories

Nettie Bogart-Welch

(b. 1917 - d. 2014)

This is an Audio file recorded c. 2005 at the Ritter Library where she did a presentation for the Vermilion Area Archival Society. Nettie was a very interesting person from a very interesting family.

An afternoon With Nancy

Nancy Alice Tarrant-Emery

June 26, 2014

Nancy is the eldest daughter of Wm. & Ella Roscoe-Tarrant.  As a young girl she spent a good deal of time at the family print shop, eventually coming to work there as an adult. She is an entertaining speaker with some entertaining stories

Rev. Louis Bertoni

Autobiography of Rev. Lou

The Reverend Louis Bertoni is undeniably one of Vermilion's more influential personalities of the mid to late 20th century. He is also one of the most intelligent.  His story is an important one  spiritually, socially and historically.

Rich Tarrant Podcast #107

Christmas 2008

This is a nice memory of Christmas in the Tarrant household in the yesteryear. Methinks ye will like it. I hope that all families own such memories.

Building A Church Building

Podcast #103 

From November 21, 2008.

Video documents the building of Vermilion’s

United Church of Christ Congregational Church

It’s a fun and historic slideshow record.

Some Local Personalities


This is (from my view) a rare and valuable video c.2010. It showcases short pieces from: Nuggie Cook, Dawn Full, Connie Dropko, Jim Hart, Jim Snell, Lucile Clark,  Roger Watkins, John Tuttle, Genevieve Clark,

Melba Walker, Tootie Reisinger, Bill Summers and Marie Tansey.



This is a slideshow/video showcasing 200 years in the life of  what is today Vermilion's United Church of Christ Congregational church.  It features text, illustrations and some video. It's an informative document that I initially assembled two or three years ago.  This church, by the way, was the very first one in the area and Vermilion, Ohio.

10-Year-Old Conversation

On September 14, 2009

I had this telephone conversation with Vermilion expatriate Dick Parsons and his wife Jeanne. Dick moved buildings, etc. in Vermilion years ago.  But he has a good deal more to ruminate about. It's an appreciable interview.

This Vermilion Views Podcast #106 done a number of years ago. This one features a reading pertaining to the "Kenton Stone" found south of town in 1937. I can't vouch for the veracity of the material. I'm just the messenger. -rnt...

Rev. James Bidle

Was minister of Vermilion's First Congregational Church from 1956 to 1962.  This is a short clip of an address he made at the 50th Anniversary of the current church building on State Street in 2007.  It's a very entertaining and informative piece.

MUSEUM TOUR #1 - The Print Shop

Come with me on a tour of the downstairs portion of the Vermilion History Museum.

It's a print shop wherein Vermilion's first substantial newspaper was printed

from 1904 to 1964.

And this is just part of the whole museum.

Minor Flooding at the Olympic Outing Club

Late Spring 2019 @ the OOC. The river was high and it had been raining.

The water did go down. But because the water remains so high in the river

flooding seems quite regular.

[Who says there is no global warming????]

The Rhythm Kings

Don't be afraid to click on this part - the video is there. Actually it's an audio file.

The Rhythm Kings  were  Vermilion guys - and I only know two of its members:

Bob Fackler and Jimmy Fischer.

This recording was made c. 1959 or '60. It's a decent demo. But like pro athletics

the stage for stars was and remains limited - so it went nowhere.

But both  sides of the  record are fun to hear.



One of the many things I've been busy with during the last few weeks is using some recording hardware and software. I've made a digital recording of this record of Vermilion's Marching Band c. 1958-59. There are seven pieces on the recording.

Anyone who attended Vermilion Schools and/or their sports events during those years will likely remember Bill Burt's powerful marching bands. And if you look real close you will also remember some of the members of that particular band.

Great stuff.

A Brief History of  Education in Vermilion, Ohio

I gave this as a short presentation at a meeting of the Vermilion Area Archival Society  at Vermilion's Ritter Public Library on February 10, 2020. It is hardly comprehensive. There is a good deal of material to sort through. So this is, again, a "brief history".

I omitted a few things when making this video that were in the original presentation. But by and large (and with the exception of some music added) it is the same.  I hope you like it and learn something from it.

Very early Vermilion History Museum Tour

This video was produced in 2008 when we initially began work cleaning up, repairing and arranging things in the print shop portion of the Museum. At first, we only had the print shop portion of the building to work with. We were just getting started. It's rather interesting. Even I am amazed at how far we've come.

The George Diener Fishing Tournament

November 1, 2008

Cleveland businessman George Diener (1922-2003) was an avid fisherman / sportsman. He lived in Cottage #3 at Vermilion's Olympic Outing Club. Following his death a fishing tourney was held each year in his memory. 

Now & Then


Vermilion, O.

Some old and new pix in Vermilion in Ohio. Some at the Vermilion History Museum - some about the town. It's an interesting production.

VVPC #157

November 2009

Perhaps a boring video.  But it shows what it takes for me to accomplish the Vermilion Views webpage each week.  This year is  the 17th-versary for the page.

Vermilion Views Podcast #128

I made this nearly 10 years ago. But it's still very interesting. In it you will take a ride on the old Lake Shore Electric interurban west from Vermilion to Sandusky. The video is courtesy interurban history Dennis Lamont.


This is a speech I gave on Veteran's Day 2009 in Vermilion's Exchange Park. I prerecorded it so I would have a record of it. When I actually gave the speech a train and highway traffic made it impossible for anyone to hear what I had to say. So I'm glad I did this.


Slideshow illustrating the evolution of that which became the McGarvey Boat Drive-in Restaurant on the Vermilion River.

Audio / Video Test

Rainy A.M. @ the Olympic Club

In this short video clip I was just playing with audio / video techniques. May 2020.


This video is timely and speaks for itself.

Dictation & HTML for Website

Dictation using Dragon

Dictation is a time-saver. But it's not perfect. I spend a good deal of time editing the  dictation. (e.g. It doesn't recognize the difference between "there" and "their".

Placing the Copy on a Webpage

The language is different. Preparing copy for a webpage requires using Hypertext Markup Language (i.e.HTML). But it has to be perfect.

Old Vermilion Clips

Mid 1930s Along the River and at the Olympic Club

This the first of two 1930s videos made from film.

Regatta, the River & Beach

This is the 2nd clip showing games at Regatta, some of the Lagoon homes and the beach at the Lagoons in 1938.

A Fictional History of My Hometown

I wrote this several years ago. It was just for fun.

I will add the rest in the near future.


This is a relatively long (13:24 minute) video show how I put together a part of my Saturday web page: www.vermilionohio.org.

I hope you will appreciate the work.


Virtual Tour - 1

This affords a brief look at a small portion of the Vermilion News Print Shop part of the museum.

It's a guided tour and you don't even have to leave your chair.


This is the light my Grandfather Pearl Roscoe used to develop some of his glass negatives c.1915.

The Cannon in Exchange / Rubberneck Park

The story behind the old cannons in Vermilion's

Exchange Park.

Demonstration Video - Scanning Glass Negatives
I made most of this video around 2012Since that time I've improved the process. But that'll be another vid.

A Snow Day & A History Book

This is (mostly) a video I recorded over a decade ago from the passenger seat of my wife's car.  Like most things I do - it is experimental. I am learning how to handle the camera and a decade later how to annotate and narrate. But it's a fun piece.

Safety Patrol Groups @ South St. School - Vermilion, Ohio c. 1954

I have tried to identify most of the folks in these pix. It seemed an easy task until I tried to do it.





This is a relatively new production showing how glass negatives can be developed. The photographs were taken by Pearl Roscoe - editor/published of the Vermilion News weekly in Vermilion, Ohio. These photographs were taken during the early decades of the 20th century. Rich Tarrant - one of his grandsons - provides the narrative.

This is a video adapted from the first chapter of my book "Yesteryear in Vermilion, Ohio.

It's about a Mastodon skeleton that was uncovered in Vermilion during the latter 19th & early 20th century.

New Museum Acquistion

The chalk painted was donated to the museum by Ron Eppler the son of later Vermilionites Rev. Myrte Howell-Epper and her husband Ronald.